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Greenhouse installation costs should be calculated according to the physical conditions suitable for the plant to be grown, the constriction model of the greenhouse, the type of coating , the brand and quality differences of all systems in the greenhouse.

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The effect of polycarbanote's heat and light transmittance on the product yield is much higher than the greenhouse nylon. In addition the warranty period of nylon is 36 months, the waranty of the polycarbonate coating is 10 years.

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The greenhouse you plan to establish should be determined in accordance with your current climate conditions and the conditions you need to grow should be created. Each plant has different needs, necessary conditions such as heat, light, light, ventilation, irrigation and the physical properties of the greenhouse should be determined according to the needs of the plant.

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  • Much more crops are obtained in the soil compared to cultivation.
  • Plant density is high in a unit area
  • Since it provides a balanced nutrition and care facilities, the plants are early and more efficient. Since the desired nutrient element is given to the plants in the required amounts, it is possible to buy early quality products.
  • Production can be done in places where the soil is not suitable for vegetative production.
  • There are alternative breeding methods according to the type of production
  • Watering is easier and plants do not experience water stress
  • Required labor force is low
  • Production spending is low
  • Significant savings in water consumption
  • Agricultural pesticides are less suitable for automation
  • The disease, pests and weed control rearing environment is under control as it can be sterilized in water or solid environment.
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