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Although the greenhouses are heated in the cold season, they should be cooled in the hot season.

In cold and cool seasons, high heat accumulation in the greenhouse can be prevented by ventilation. The air temperature increases after a short heating period, especially in the southern regions of our country.

Especially in the greenhouses where cultivation is cultivated in the summer, the temperature inside the greenhouse may be 5-10 ‘centigrad degree higher than the outdoor temperature due to the effects of the sun. This may cause the extraction in plants to decrease and stop.


These are cooling systems used mostly in the cultivation of greenhouses, seedling greenhouses and tropical plants in hot regions.

Suction Capacity: 55.800 m3 / h 
Size: 153x153x40 cm 325 dv./min. 1500w 3 phase-380v


The system is mounted on the northern walls of the greenhouse, thanks to the circulation of water circulating and the humidity created by the exhaust fans, cooling up to 10 degrees in the greenhouse is provided.

It is a chemical impregnated cellulosic paper that provides simply wettability and durability.

Its wavy and cross-channel structure expands the surface area, facilitating the contact of air with water, ensuring minimum air resistance.

It is preferred in industrial applications.


Stainless steel pan is designed to prevent any water residue after discharge, providing minimum water consumption and protection. Water is consumed efficiently since flow meter and regulating valve are used. Drainage is required to prevent the minerals from blocking the panel, this material is inorganic and fireproof and prevents odor formation. It is designed to provide optimum performance in low pressure drop with its wavy and cross-channel structure. These pads also contain a low content of silver ions, preventing fungus formation and deposit formation in water, keeping the pads clean and used in comfort applications.

All pads are framed with a stainless steel sheet and are mounted with the irrigation system. Pads can be easily removed and re-inserted in the irrigation unit for service maintenance.