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The greenhouse construction, which is the main skeleton structure, is the most important part of the modern greenhouse system, it is very important for you to carry plant and accessory loads and to have sufficient coating resistance against corrosion, for your investment and to purchase efficient products.

THERMAL (IR) + EVA: It provides the greenhouse temperature, which is heated by the effect of the sun during the day, to cool down more slowly at night so that the heat loss remains at a minimum level and it protects against sudden heat drops and the risk of frost. By creating a temperature of +1 to +5 degrees, it saves fuel in greenhouses with heating system, and EVA additive provides 85% thermal effect additive. 

LIGHT DİFFUSER (LD) : It ensures that the light coming from the sun breaks as it enters the greenhouse, so that the plants are not shaded from each other, the sun is prevented from burning from the sun in extreme sunny weather, and the sunlight is distributed equally to each part of the greenhouse. 

ANTİ FOG (AF) : Due to the temperature difference between inside and outside of the greenhouse, the sweating that occurs in the plant and soil holds water on the inner surface of the greenhouse cover as the droplets of water on the surface. The anti-drip additive prevents the moisture in the greenhouse to hold in the form of water particles. 

ANTİMİST : It is used to prevent the fogging problem that occurs as a side effect in case of using Anti Fog and Anti Drip additive.


CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Agrochemicals make it resistant to active halogens such as Sulfur and Chlorine.

Ring Clip (Female) Richel Clip (with ring) Gko >Clip

It forms a team with Ring Male Clip and attaches the greenhouse nylon to the greenhouse construction. It is produced by using first quality raw materials against breaking and cracking. It is resistant to sun rays and produced with co-ex technology.


It forms a team with Circlip Clip female and fixes the greenhouse plastic to the profile.


In our greenhouses, complete polycarbonate coating or only side and forehead polycarbonate coating variants are available as an option. The polycarbonate properties we use are 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm thickness. We have alternatives with 2 walls, 3 walls and 4 walls. It has transparent, double-sided UV added, high thermal insulation, high impact resistance and high light transmittance and thermal insulation.

Its light transmittance is around 80% and its impact resistance is 80 times more durable than glass. It shows high resistance to chemicals, cold-hot climatic conditions, high temperatures and hail. It is not impermeable to radiation rays, it does not pass UV rays that cause crop burning due to the light transmittance required for photosynthesis effects. Working temperature is -40 / + 120 degrees also TSE and CE certified. Guaranteed for 10 years. The linear expansion coefficient of the polycarbonate material is 6.7x10-5m / moC. Our assembly application is optionally plastic, single-component aluminum and double-component aluminum in connectors.

Polycarbonate coating is a product that doesn’t have an alternative in greenhouses with its contribution in providing thermal insulation both in places where there is a risk of hail.


Product yield is higher in glass greenhouses compared to polycarbonate and polyethylene.

According to the quality of the glass to be preferred in a material with the highest light transmittance, it has 86% to 94% light transmittance. Average usage time is 78 years. Heat transfer and durability can be increased by making special coatings on glass. It is applied in 3 mm to 5 mm thickness dimensions depending on the area to be applied. We realize our projects with Venlo 'and' Wide Span 'glass greenhouses in a way that is beyond the expectations of the soilless agricultural producers. The sizing and design of the parts that make up the main structure in the glass greenhouse are specially produced by our engineers and staff specialized in mechanical design, with computer-aided drawing and calculation programs, taking into account the climate conditions of the region for each greenhouse region. We offer alternatives as glass properties used 4-5-6 mm tempered and temperless, normal thermal coefficient and high.