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Advantages of seedling growing;

  • Seedling decreases in seedling
  • Soil conditions are not suitable for planting with seeds
  • Summer vegetables are protected from low temperature risk in the early spring period. 
  • When growing with seedlings, the duration of the plants in their normal growing places is shortened. Thus, it is possible to grow other crops in times when the land is vacant, two crops can be bought instead of two and two instead of once a year and land is saved.

Seedlings are grown in greenhouses, seedling pillows, flower pots or tubes. In scuba seedling cultivation, seeds of both summer and winter vegetables are planted in crates, plastic bags, flower pots or viols. Seeds germinated in viols should be located under the greenhouse for winter vegetables and in a shady environment for summer vegetables.

In the planning and selection of greenhouses, the place where the greenhouse will be installed should get more light especially in the south, southeast and southwest directions. Strong winds cause mechanical damage. Irrigation water should be of good quality and be easily available. Sufficient water must be available besides irrigation as water will be used for temperature control and humidification. For greenhouses, loamy, humus, nutrient-rich soils with high water holding ability should be used.