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Humidification is a vital factor for plants in order to sustain their life in a healthy way and to obtain the highest level of efficiency. Low-pressure or high-pressure humidification system is preferred depending on the type and need of the plant.

Greenhouse humidification systems, by spraying water particles with a fogging nozzle, reduce the temperature of the air inside the greenhouse by evaporation, the sprayed water particles quickly pass the water particles to the gas phase with a pressure of 100 bar and above, and provide the moisture that the plants need without getting wet.

a pressure of 100 bar and above, and provide the moisture that the plants need without getting wet.Greenhouse humidification systems increase the relative humidity rate by providing heat drop as a result of evaporation of pressure sprayed water. Thus, thanks to cool and humid air, circulation fans and ventilation control systems, the greenhouse is kept in the desired climate conditions.


Amount of water to be sprayed into the environment; It is calculated by using the psychometric diagram according to the desired humidity rate based on the volume of the greenhouse, the highest temperature and the lowest humidity determined according to the climatic conditions of the geographical region.

With fogging systems, it is the ideal environment for evaporation sweating and photosynthesis, which is very important for growing plants by keeping the humidity of the ideal living environments in too hot or too cold, excessive moisture or low humidity conditions and keeping the humidity in the greenhouse under control. With the right humidification systems in greenhouses, better quality plants, fast crops and less diseases are provided.

Healthy growing environment for the products cannot be provided in the greenhouses especially in the summer heat. The intense temperatures experienced during the growing of plants slow down the growth, in addition, since the working conditions in the greenhouse are getting harder and harder, the product monitoring and maintenance processes are negatively affected by the employees.

Taking the heat of the air as a result of evaporation of the water particles sprayed from the fogging nozzle; Heat drops up to 15 ºC can be achieved. Depending on the desired humidity value, the humidity of the air can be up to 95% or the environment can be cooled by blowing out the humid air. With the falling temperature; As more favorable conditions are created for the working environment and plant growth, the waste rates are reduced and the productivity is increased


Low pressure fogging systems are designed to increase the humidity in the greenhouses and provide the desired temperature with the lowest cost. This type of system is recommended for the correction of high humidity deficit conditions and prevent excessive temperatures in the early stages of cultivation.