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Screening systems to be used in the greenhouse serve to maintain the current temperature of the heated and rising air in the greenhouse during the winter months and to provide shading in the summer and sunny weather.

The purpose of shading is to reduce the temperature in the greenhouse to prevent sun rays from damaging the plant during periods of high temperature. While the temperature decreases with shading, the amount of light entering the greenhouse is reduced by reflecting around 50%. Optionally, we have push - pull system and rope systems.


This system is the mechanism structure that moves by self-swich geared motors and shaft pipes and rack gears.


In this system, the movement is again through the motor and reducer, but the carrier systems are the mechanism structure that moves through steel ropes other than pipes and racks.


It is made of original HDPE material. It offers shading up to 95% with UV additive. Optional options are available. Aluminum polyester woven curtains are used as heat and shade curtains. Push-pull curtain system with aluminum reflector is opened mechanically or automatically with reducer motor rack shaft and aluminum transmis

This system opens and closes the curtain system through pipes installed at 320 cm intervals. It has a fixed and flexible structure and is resistant to all pesticides, including sulfur. It is resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life. Especially in the summer, the temperature inside the greenhouse rises to a high level, therefore the curtain system is activated automatically by sensors and provides a shading system. In winter, it shuts off automatically to prevent heat loss, and it has a huge impact on heat saving.

  • PHL 77: 78% shading 75% heat storage
  • Phormilux: 13% Shading 45% heat storage
  • PH 44: 45% shading 52% heat storage 
  • PH 55: 55% shading 58% heat storage 
  • PH 66: 65% shading 63% heat storage
  • PH 77: 75% shading 68% heat storage
  • PH 55 OPEN: 55% shading 20% heat storage 
  • PH 66 OPEN: 65% shading 25% heat storage 
  • PH77 OPEN: 75% shading 30% heat storage

It has shading frequency of 35% - 55% - 75% - 85% - 95%. Cuts the sun at the specified rate.

It is UV added and suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. Since it is produced using original raw material, its life is longer than its equivalents and makes equal shading in all areas.


It is guaranteed for 2 years, has a power of 600 Newton, is produced in European standards and subjected to 100% quality control.

The reducer output speed is 3/1 minutes. There are 4 switches in the gearbox, 2 of which are stop and start, 2 of which are safety switches. The reducers to be used are of export quality and are TSE certified.

Reducer bodies are made of GG22-25 material and designed to highlight aesthetics and durability.

The reducer output shaft is made of 1040-1050 (SAE) quality material and the fitting tolerances are determined according to the norms.

Long life and durability are considered in bearing and bearing selection.

Motor 0,55 kw 380 V
Speed 0,3 d / d -800 rpm