Our Solutions


BHK Greenhouse has revealed the privilege of doing the most work in universities, public institutions and organizations to R & D projects in Turkey.Our mission is to contribute to the development of our country in the field of agriculture and greenhouse, with the importance and support we give to R&D, and as a financier in the R&D greenhouses of the leading universities of our country. Within the scope of these supports are; production with different fertilizers, turnkey installation of seeds, cultivars, disease breeding, seedlings and reproduction greenhouses and quarantine greenhouses, with special software and hardware, when necessary.

The effectiveness and accuracy of climate management is much more important in research and development greenhouses. In addition to small deviations in temperatures in the process, RH and VPD measurement values can cause serious losses in production, the seasonal or long years of R&D work may cause failure in a sudden.

BHK Greenhouse Systems allow you to keep your environment in full control by allowing you to create the perfect balance of ambient and root zone temperatures, humidity, VPD, light levels, CO2 concentrations and substrate moisture in your greenhouse. State-of-the-art sensors and intelligent equipment control strategies create excellent conditions for successful rooting, seed germination and young plant growth.